Ford GT40 MKI is arguably the most iconic in the history of motorsports. It was the car that puts Ford Motor Company on the map of motorsports by becoming the second chassis to ever win the 24 Hours of Le Mans more than once, with back-to-back victories.

Superformance 1969 GT40 MKI Extra Widebody

If you want one, you can probably find an original going under the hammer sometimes, somewhere. But with a vintage race car, it could be spending more time in the shop than on the roads. The good news is, you can actually buy “new” from South Carolina-based Superformance Shelby American dealership, seller of iconic muscle car, Downforce Motorsports.

The Superformance 1969 GT40 MKI Extra Widebody pays homage to the achievements of the GT40. It is powered by an 5.2 Aluminator engine that develops 580 ponies and built on chassis P2348, this Superformance build is modeled after the famous Le Mans winner, featuring an extra wide rear clam shell, original steel monocoque chassis, original suspension, the official “P” chassis number, and the iconic Gulf Livery exterior.

Superformance 1969 GT40 MKI Extra Widebody

However, unlike the 60s track-going variety, this example has blessed with creature comforts like air conditioning, heating and radio.

The Superformance 1969 GT40 MKI Extra Widebody with Gulf Livery exterior is available for anyone who is willing to drop US$225,000. Be sure to hit up for the full specifications and the list of standard equipment as well options available.

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All images courtesy of Downforce Motorsports.

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