How many ways can you tell time? Not a lot, actually. There is the sundial. The digital clock and the analog clock. Those are it, or is it? It turned out that there is another way: through literary quotes.

Author Clock Tells Time with Quotes

Folks, this is the Author Clock. A uber sleek clock that displays time through, well, literary quotes. Perfect for folks who felt reading hands, or digital numbers – even from nixie tubes, aren’t cool enough.

That’s right. Reading is a must for time-telling. Just kidding. You do not need to read the entire quote to know the time because the time is spelled out in bold. And yes, it is spelled out like the olden days. You know, like, a quarter past ten and whatnot. It’d felt like Edison’s time.

More importantly – at least to me – the clock looks super cool. Like a smart display but it isn’t. It has an e-ink display that sips on battery while offering time via literary quotes every minute.

Author Clock Tells Time with Quotes

The first thing that comes to mind when I see this is, “man, this how many quotes this thing has in there?” and also “does it have a quote for every single minute of the time?” Well, apparently, it does contain thousands of quotes – from a diverse range of authors – and also apparently, it has all the time covered. Very impressive.

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Not going to lie. It is a refreshing way of reading time – literally. Perhaps, it will help to ingrain the time I have read in my memory since it is being spelled out. Cos you see, I have the tendency of looking at the time and forgetting the next second. Surely, I am not the only one, right? No? OK, maybe it is just me.

As an added bonus, the clock may help you find the next book to read.

Author Clock Tells Time with Quotes

Author Clock was a successfully funded crowdfunding campaign that rolled in over a million dollars from more than 8,000 backers last year. If you missed it, you can still pre-order it over at Indiegogo InDemand.

Author Clock is available in two sizes: small which measures 3.75 inches (95 mm) tall and large which is 5.25 inches (132 mm) tall (and can be wall-mounted), and for US$129 and US$249, respectively.

Author Clock Tells Time with Quotes
Author Clock Tells Time with Quotes

Images: Mechanical Design Labs.

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