8bitdo Desktop Arcade Joy Stick Is Retro Arcade Machine Done Right

If you into retro arcade gaming, you would probably want to play your favorite classics on the good’ol arcade cabinet, but then again, I am sure you certainly won’t mind if looks a little contemporary such as this one desktop arcade teased called Desktop Arcade Joy Stick by Hong Kong-based game peripheral maker 8bitdo. Though […]

Retro Receiver Adds Bluetooth To NES, So You Can Game Wirelessly

Good news, 8-bit NES console users. The days of controller being tethered to the console is over – thanks to this nifty gadget accessory called Retro Receiver developed by Analogue and 8bitdo. This compact wireless adapter lets you turn any original NES model, as well as Analogue Nt and other aftermarket NES system (as long […]