It is nice to have home security cameras that are powered by long-lasting battery, but however ‘long-lasting’, it has to be charged at some point. However, that appears not to be the case with the Soliom Bird S60. Well, that’s if you get a lot of sunshine most of the time because, Soliom Bird S60 is a solar-powered outdoor home security camera which makes it a true wireless, self-sustained security camera.

Soliom Bird S60 Solar Security Camera

The integrated solar light panel is able to recharge its 4,000 mAh battery at a rate of 50-150 mAh per hour under good sunlight exposure (or 10-20 mAh per day during rainy or cloudy day) which is good for a day’s monitoring. Obviously, it is not going to last forever like I have said previously. That’s why there’s an optional to manually recharge the little guy. Even then, it is going last significantly longer your typical battery-operated security camera. Who knows, if the region you stay has loads of sunshine, it could, in theory, last almost indefinitely.

In event that the camera’s power requirement exceeds then it can be charged, you will be notified by the Soliom app, so you can act on it before it (the battery) conks out.

Soliom Bird S60 Solar Security Camera

Other notables include a wide-angle lens camera, 1080p videoing in the day, LED light enhanced night vision (max 33-49’), auto switch day to night mode, built-in two-way motion detection (to reduce false alerts), push notification and recording of a short clip to the cloud and memory card when motion is detected, WiFi enabled (obviously), built-in speaker and microphone for two-way talk, and finally an IP66 rating to protect it against dust and water ingress. It is worthy to note that the Soliom Bird S60 is outfitted with a new-gen battery with an operating temperature range of -4-140 Fahrenheit (-20-60 Celsius).

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If you are keen, you can pick a unit off Amazon now for just $139.

Images: Soliom.

Source: Dude.

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