Being injured at work is not fun (like, duh, obviously). Recovering, however, is even worse. Depending on the severity of your injury, you could be bedridden or, at the very least, housebound. Even with workers’ compensation this could put a huge strain on your finances, especially before your claim is finally settled and paid out. This uncertainty can put a huge amount of stress on you and your body. If you follow this guide, however, you can recover faster than ever after a workplace injury and reclaim your life.

Let a Lawyer Handle Your Case
The first step to recovering after a workplace injury is to simply let the case be taken off of your hands. Knowing when to hire a lawyer is crucial to this step, and ideally should be done as soon as possible. With them on your case, you can instead focus entirely on healing and getting better, not on ensuring your claim goes through, or trying to negotiate with the insurance companies on your own.

Improve Your Diet
Before you are well enough to start physical therapy, you will want to improve your diet. Your body can only use what you provide it, and when it heals it needs plenty of vitamins and minerals to get the job done.

Food is also the best place to find these vitamins and minerals, so when choosing what to eat look at the nutrition value box and opt for items that have high levels of:

• Protein
• Fiber
• Vitamin C
• Omega-3 fatty acids
• Zinc
• Vitamin D and calcium

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Be Patient
When it comes to healing, especially from a cut or a broken bone, you need to be patient. Pushing yourself will be beneficial later when it is time to help you regain full movement. For now, just let your body stitch itself back together.

Commit to Physical Rehabilitation
Once you have healed up enough, you will want to seek out physical rehabilitation, ideally that will be covered by your compensation claim.

  • Physiotherapy
    Physiotherapy can help in many different ways around the body. There are many different kinds of physiotherapists, however, so it is important that you seek out a professional diagnosis beforehand (essential when making a claim) so that you can be directed to the best person for the job.
  • Chiropractic Care
    Chiropractic care specifically focuses around the spine. If you fell, were in an auto accident, or had something fall on you, this is likely the treatment that you will want to invest in. These specialists can help you deal with issues such as back pain, whiplash, and more.

If Necessary, Seek Out Additional Treatments
There are a variety of other treatments out there to help you recover after an injury. Just work with your lawyer so that you can figure out what your compensation claim will cover. This way, you can enjoy top notch rehabilitation without going into debt.

Though the goal is to get you back up on your feet as soon as possible, it is important to not over exert or push yourself too far, too soon, as this can aggravate or even exacerbate your injuries.

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