Usually, 90 dollars have no business with a pair of professional headphones but here we have the OneOdio Monitor 80 Professional Open Back Headphones that promise to deliver “a superior audio performance” for under 90 bucks*.

The OneOdio Monitor 80 touts a 250-Ohm nominal impedance for “stable, solid, and powerful sound” delivered through its 40 mm drivers which are protected by aluminum honeycomb housing.

The 40 mm drivers are neodymium drivers with advanced high-precision etched diaphragms which OneOdio said produce a “crystal-clear midrange allowing the delivery of fine details of instruments”.

From the reviews we have read, it appears to be the case. Then again, everyone’s hearing is different so your mileage may be different.

The high-impedance voice coil, i.e. the core of the moving coil speakers, allows the cans to accurately control the sound quality. Speaking of the coil, it is of Japan Daikoku’s enameled wire with a self-bonding feature.

The crafted open-back design reduces distortion and outputs an accurate, full-range pure sonic sound. Meanwhile, in the comfort department, the OneOdio Monitor 80 features soft-to-the-touch velour ear pads and an adjustable headband that offers relief when wearing while providing plenty of ventilation even for extended use.

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The cable on this pair of headphones is detachable which, together with a foldable design, makes it easy to transport around in the included EVA case.

OneOdio said the Monitor 80 is suitable for use with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, laptops, as well as professional audio equipment.

While it comes with a standard 3.5 mm plug, the package does include a 6.35 mm coiled adapter cable for use in the studios.

If you are down, the OneOdio Monitor 80 Headphones can be had at 25% less for US$89.99 (U.P. US$119.99).

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