Concept vehicles from big automakers turn into real vehicles are not new, but a concept vehicle from an independent industrial designer turned into a real working vehicle? Well, that is something we don’t hear everyday. Such is exactly what happen to Istanbul-based industrial designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem’s radical BMW concept K75 Alpha. When skilled machinist, fabricator, tinkerer and an accomplished two-stroke tuner and Bonneville Salt Flats veteran Mark Atkinson, AKA Makr, caught eye of Mehmet’s K75 Alpha Concept Bike, he decided that bold beauty there is not entirely radical, and so he embarked on a journey to bring it to life.

Mehmet K75 Alpha Concept Bike by Mark Atkinson
The original Concept render of the K75 Alpha Concept Bike.

With Mehmet’s nod of approval, Makr took a classic BMW K75 Triple and transformed it into an Alpha based on Mehmet’s vision. The end product is pretty much what you see on the concept render, but with me details like a bespoke chassis wrapped in neo-retro style sculpted front fairing, a center hub pivot, hand-machined aluminum linkage, and bellcrank-actuated steering system. What makes this concept-turn-real-life motorcycle special is, most of the components required were scratch built by the man himself which, obviously, was hell lot of work and skill involved.

No words on the performance though, but with a bike looking this good, we wouldn’t care less. We are not hitting up salt flats anyways. Wait. Actually, we won’t even have a chance to ride one to start with. Oh well… Anywho, skip ahead to hear this beauty growl.

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Images: Mehmet Doruk Erdem.

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