If you haven’t heard of X-Doria, it is high time that you do because, X-Doria designs and makes some really cool gadget accessories. Its products are not just functional, but pretty damn stylish too. Case in point: the Defense Trek AirPods Case and Defense Vertical Charger. The former needs no introduction. As for the latter, it is a Qi charger, but instead of laying flat on the table, it is, well, vertical. Pretty snazzy, eh?

X-Doria Defense Trek AirPods Case

Key notables of the X-Doria Defense Trek AirPods Case include a machined aluminum and polycarbonate construction, removable carabiner and loop, wireless charging compatible, access to Lightning port, and integrated charging indicator. It is compatible with all AirPods, including the latest AirPods with wireless charging case introduced in March 2019.

The X-Doria Defense Vertical Charger is, as mentioned a Qi wireless charger that charges in vertical orientation. A few highlights include the unmistakable luxurious touch offered by the premium leather and machines aluminum construction. As a wireless charger, it provides up to 10W of fast wireless charging for your iPhone or Samsung devices and notwithstanding its vertical design, it also allows your device to be charged in landscape orientation. A soft, white LED for indicating the charge status rounds up this sleek package.

You can pick up the X-Doria Defense Trek AirPods Case for a modest $29.95 and the X-Doria Defense Vertical Charger for $59.99. The AirPods case is offered in a choice of four colorways: black, red, silver and my personal favorite, iridescent. The vertical charger, on the hand, is available in a choice of black or white.

X-Doria Defense Vertical Charger

Images: X-Doria.

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