Maybe mowing the lawn for somebody else isn’t your idea of gardening. But you are not sure if you are ready totending your own garden. Well then, perhaps the Garden Simulator may be able to help.

Garden Simulator (2022) Video Game

That’s right, folks. The simulation game genre which already has a wide spectrum of careers and hobbies covered, has now your backyard covered too. I mean, virtual backyard.

Developed by PRODUKTIVKELLER Studios, Garden Simulator (2022) lets you create your dream garden without having to roll up your sleeves and get dirt on your hands. If gardening is already relaxing and fun, the Garden Simulator (2022) will be the next level of fun and relaxation. 

“With Garden Simulator you’ll get your own patch of land, place decorational elements, and nurture the plants, before you harvest them. The richer your yield, the more you can sell and the more money you can spend to enhance your piece of paradise. With countless unlockable features and additional content, your green thumb will be challenged to the max!”

Garden Simulator (2022) Video Game

The game has yet to be officially released but as part of Steam Next Fest, which started on June 13, the German developer has released the first playable demo version. Journalists and influencers are invited to try the game in advance. You can sign up for the said demo HERE.

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