AutoFlight Unveiled Autonomous Firefighting eVTOL With A Takeoff Weight Of Two Metric Tons (!)

We have seen many firefighting hardware here. There are rocket launchers and drones to fight high-rise fires, a jet engines-powered fire-fighting tank (yes, a tank!), and robotic firefighters – just to name a few. Now meet a firefighter that descends from the sky. I know. Dropping fire suppressant from up above is not new but …

Subaru Air Mobility Concept Is Subaru Plans For The Highway In The Skies

Clearly, not wanting to be left out on the highway in the skies, Subaru has also unveiled its vision of a flying car. Dubbed the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept, Subaru’s vision of a flying Subaru is no different from other concepts; it is an eVTOL powered by horizontally mounted rotors (six, in this instance).

Xiaopeng HT Aero Land Air Carrier Concept Is An Adventure Vehicle That Packs A VTOL For Two

When a body of water, such as a lake or sea, gets in the way of campers like those traveling in the Highwave Boaterhome or the Sealvans Amphibious Caravan, they have the option to deploy their seafaring campers. But Xpeng Motors takes this concept to new heights with its “Land Aircraft Carrier” modular flying car, …

ASKA A5 Flying Car Awarded FAA Special Airworthiness Certification

This is AKSA A5, it is another flying that has been awarded a special airworthiness certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct test flights after the Alef Flying Car. TBH. It looks more like an aircraft that is made to roll on the roads than an actual flying car like the Alef.

Alef Flying Car: Finally A Flying Car That Actually Looks Like A Regular Car And Fits Into A Typical Garage

The mention of a flying car, we imagine it to be a vehicle that looks like a regular car but can take to the skies anywhere, anytime. You know, kind of like the flying DeLorean Time Machine or Matt Trakker’s Thunderhawk from M.A.S.K.

Eviation Alice Electric Commuter Aircraft Is Step To Closer To Reality

Some people are skeptical about electric cars because of battery because, when it conks out, it, well, conks out*. On land, it is perfectly fine, but in the air? That could be a life and death situation. However, if you are unfazed by this obvious fact and has shit load of money, then look forward …

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