Winter Cabin with Volvo 240

Here’s a winter cabin you don’t see everyday. Yes. It is a winter cabin which, somehow, has a pair of Volvo 240 station wagon embedded in it. We have seen people putting cars inside the living or turn part of a car into functional furniture, but never a car embedded to the side of a cabin.

This quirky creation was the handiwork of artist Chris Labrooy. The Volvo 240 sculpture is actually made up of two Volvo 240s and they appear to sport a full interior. As to why anyone wants to shove a car into the side of a building, well, lets just say that because, he can.

TBH, we are not completely sure what’s going on here. My guess is, it probably has no functional purpose other than as an art. Also, since we don’t have a look of the cabin’s interior, there’s no telling how the inside look like. Is it open? Like, you know, having the car windows serving as windows, or it is completely sealed such that there’s no hint of the cars from the inside?

Winter Cabin with Volvo 240

Images: Chris Labrooy.

Source: Yanko Design.