Infinity Studio has recently revealed a life-size Bruce Lee statue that will make Madame Tussauds’ Bruce Lee statue look like amateur’s work. Granted, the Infinity Studio Bruce Lee Life-size Silicone Bust is, well, just a bust i.e. only the upper body of the legendary person.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee Life-size Silicone Bust

The life-size bust features the Kung Fu legend in his iconic one-piece yellow jumpsuit with black stripe he wore on his last film The Game of Death (1972, Golden Harvest) and armed the equally iconic nunchaku.

The statue stands out with its ocular prosthesis aka glass eye specially made for the half statue, the hyper realistic skin texture made using medical-grade silicone, and facial hair and hair implants.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee Life-size Silicone Bust

The realism is absolutely bonkers. So is the resemblance to the late Kung Fu star. In fact, the head sculpt looked so much like the real person that it does look rather creepy.

The bust is on a wood-look base complete with a sculpt of a Chinese dragon in black wrapping around the waist of Bruce Lee, before rounding up with a name plaque with his Chinese name inscribed on it.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee Life-size Silicone Bust

Other materials used include polystone, resin, high temperature fiber, and of course, real fabric for the jumpsuit. At 75 cm tall, 86 cm wide and 69 cm in depth (29 x 34 x 27 inches), the bust will certainly exert a huge presence in any collector’s abode.

Infinity Studio Bruce Lee Life-size Silicone Bust is available to order for any collector who is wiling to plonk down a grand 24,680 RMB (which works out to be around US$3,762 at the time of this post).

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All images courtesy of Infinity Studio.

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  1. Question, can Infinity Studio’s make a life size life like 100 percent solid silicone figure of Bruce Lee that has all his body details including a internal frame work that allows all joint moviements, punched in hair etc.

    1. The question is not if it can, but will it be too expensive to be retailed. Infinity Studio is statue maker only. I believe, they do not have the expertise to make articulated figures.

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