Here Are Some New Amazon Gadgets For Tech Savvy Parents And Their Kids

Most parents would prefer kids have lesser screen time as possible. If you are not the ‘most parents’ and prefer kiddo not to stay out of your eReader or tablet, Amazon has just the gadgets for you. Meet the Amazon Kindle Kids Edition and Fire HD 10 Kids Edition.

Amazon Outs 2019 Kindle Oasis With Adjustable Color Temperature

Is eReader, AKA eBook reader, still a thing in 2019? If it is to you then you may want to check out the 2019 Amazon Kindle Oasis. In between the 2019 model and the first we saw in 2016, there has been just one new Kindle Oasis. TBH, the 2017 had mark upgrade over the […]

Amazon Cuts Certified Refurbished Kindle Price, Now Going For $59.99

Kindle is not exactly an affordable gadget. That said, if the pricing has been a stumbling block to you owning one, then this should come as a good news. The online retail giant has slashed the price of its Certified Refurbished Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader. Originally with a list price of $74.99, the Kindle […]

Amazon’s New Kindle Oasis Breaks Kindle Design Tradition

Is eReader still a thing? Of course, it is, or else Amazon won’t be pushing yet another new eReader like the Amazon Kindle Oasis, right? So, here it is the Kindle Oasis, a rather eccentric looking eReader from the online retail giant. So what’s new? First off, it has an unconventional off-center display and a […]

Amazon Refreshes Fire HDX and Fire HD, Adds Kids Edition and Two Kindles

while the tech industry are still bathing in the sweetness of post iPhone 6 announcement, Amazon is assaulting the eReader and tablet markets with a handful of new stuff, including an all-new Fire HDX tablet, a Fire HD Kids Edition, two new Kindles, namely Voyage and Kindle with Touch, and a new version of the […]

Finally, You Can Now Read Your Favorite E-books Right In The Middle Of The Pool

e-reader is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of our time. it saves us from being overwhelmed by bookshelves that requires a ladder to access and also helps save the trees which our Mother Earth needed so badly. that’s not to mention, it also marks the end of your worries about silverfish chomping up your […]

Kindle Fire HDX Tablets

yes. it is official. Amazon has out a couple of new tablets and they are known as Kindle Fire HD Tablets. comprising of a 7″ and a 8.9″ model. both models are powered by a quad-core 2.2GHz processor and 2GB of RAM, and sports features like dual stereo speakers with Dolby Digital Plus audio and virtual 5.1 multi-channel surround sound

Kindle Paperwhite 2

the Kindle Paperwhite 2 (officially, just all-new Kindle Paperwhite) finally has a display that actually lives up to its namesake – Paperwhite. sporting a what Amazon dubbed as the “most advanced e-reader display ever constructed”, the new Kindle Paperwhite’s 6″ display is now of higher contrast and has better reflectivity, resulting in whites that are whiter and blacks that are blacker

Kindle Fire HD

with the newly announced Kindle Fire HD family, there’s no reason not to rekindle the fire for these sweet little tablets. it’s a family now, so in it there are three models for you to choose from: the Kindle Fire HD, the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″, and the Kindle Fire 8.9″ 4G. kicking of the family line is the updated Kindle Fire that features a new custom HD…

Kindle Paperwhite

ebook readers rejoice! Amazon has finally announced its new Kindle successor! dubbed as the Kindle Paperwhite, the new ebook reader is described as “quantum leap forward and the best Kindle” Amazon have ever built by far by founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos. highlights include an advanced e-reader display with 62% more pixels (that’s 212 ppi for you geeks…