Cupa Joe Is Fun Coffee Mug In The Shape Of A Classic Coffee Pot Used In Diners

Here’s a perfect homage mug for coffee drinkers. This is the Cupa Joe from Barbuzzo (the online retailer, not the restaurant, btw). It is an oversized mug in the shape of a classic coffee pot used in diners across America, complete with volume measurement markings as found on the actual coffee pot.

NACHOsaurus Is A Fitting Nachos Holder Because, Stegosaurus

Dino fans with a taste for nachos, or any snack for that matter, will not want to eat nachos out of a regular glass bowl, or foil packaging. You will want the Barbuzzo NACHOsaurus Dip and Snack Dish Set, why? Because, Stegosaurus. When empty, it appears to be a Stegosaurus with a serious fin (anatomically […]

Bottoms Up And This Beer Glass Will Let You In On Your Fortune

Here’s a mug for those who procrastinate quite a bit and also like to have a cold one while doing so. Officially called Mystic Pint Glass, this drinkware is actually a fortune-telling beer glass that has, well, a built-in fortune teller. So, if you prefer not to talk to a real gypsy, or hand over […]