with a name like XSR Interceptor Cruiser, it is bound to strike fear to any potential water threats. that said, it is also quite obvious that the consumer market isn’t what this awesome watercraft is targeted at, but it is still worthy of a mention, nonetheless. built around a fully composite monocoque structure, the XSR Interceptor Cruiser features a deep ‘V’ hull that is optimized for speeds up to 80 knots (148 km/h or 92 mph). for the initiated, that speed is well considered pretty damn fast on water and is kind of an equivalent to sport car-grade performance, and for that, it has the ‘comfort’ to match. don’t go about expecting luxury appointment cos’ this ain’t your Caribbean yacht, though.

much like an F1 race car, the XSR Interceptor Cruiser features a safety cell cockpit that is environmentally controlled with climate control and shock mitigating seating (read: shock-absorbing seats), complete with fully restraining harnesses. with a boat designed for such great speed, you are surely going to need all the help you need in shock absorption to prevent on-the-job injuries. the boat is incorporated with a unique TRASE system that “provides stabilized performance handling and reduced shock loading” to cope with the stress of high speeds. it can be outfitted with lethal and/or non-lethal weapons such as a suite of integral system for reconnaissance mission, or (for e.g.) the fearsome Kongsberg Sea Protector remotely operated machine gun to blast the pirates out of the sea.

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XSR Interceptor Cruiser

XSMG Defence via Man of Many

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