actually, it didn’t occur to me that we could be using all ten digits to use a tablet. honestly, we have no idea why should we be using all ten fingers, but if a tablet allows us to do so, why not? and when we say ‘use all ten digits’ it literally means doing so while holding the tablet with both hands. speaking of which, if the Grippity Transparent Tablet have its way, we might all be doing so in near future. hailed as the world’s first transparent tablet, Grippity features a unique dual-sided multitouch display that is translucent, thus allowing you to use your fingers on the back of touchscreen. the immediate benefit is obvious; touch gesture on the back means you won’t be blocking what you are touching which is critical in some applications and games.

spec-wise, the Grippity has a 7-inch translucent LCD display, albeit with a resolution that leaves much to be desired (or 800 x 480 pixels, to be specific) and is powered by a Cortex A8 chip. other key features include a (very) modest 512MB RAM, 4GB of onboard storage – expandable up to 32GB via SD card slot, IR transmitter, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a pair of “extended programmable touch area (more like button to me), and a 2,400 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides up to 3 hours of usage per charge. obviously, the hard spec is anything but top notch, but the selling point here is the semi-transparent display and dual-side multitouch capability.

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to be honest, we have our doubt about the whole transparent display development. while it (the semi-transparent display) has it obvious non-consumer applications, we seriously doubt it would be practical in consumer usage. now, you have to agree with our statement if reflection from glossy display irks you as much as the inability to read under bright sunlight. then again, we are complete suckers for new developments that will one day lead to a Minority Report-style future.

so, if a transparent dual-sided touch display sounds like porn to you, then you are in luck cos’ the Grippity Transparent Tablet is not a concept product; it is a real-deal hardware that runs on Android 4.2 OS, which you get your hands on from Kickstarter. though, as always, it will only come true if the campaign reaches the set minimum funding goal of $199K. for now, early adopter can secure one at just $159 (limited to just 500 units), or $235 if the early bird special runs out.

Kickstarter via Engadget

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