you have seen claims of the world’s fastest furniture, including a couch and a dinning table, but what you do not expect is someone aiming to create the world’s fastest hot tub. yes. hot tub as in the tub which you would normally find in a bathroom, or for some, in the backyard. the eager challenger is Carpool Deville, a drivable hot tub built right into a 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Convertible by a bunch of folks who are crazy enough to do so. amazingly, the Deville’s original 7.7-liter V8 engine is still in its rightful place, under the bonnet, which not only serves as the propulsion, but is also rigged to heat the water in the tub to a nice, warm 102 degrees. what used to be upholstered interior is now replaced by a watertight, custom molded fiberglass tub, complete with working jets, while the controls such as the accelerator and brake, as well as the stock automatic transmission are now handled by hand through a marine throttle, which kind of makes it a land-going boat too.

Carpool Deville Drivable Mobile Hot Tub

just in case you are wondering, the molded fiber glass tub also replaces the dash with works to ensure the steering system is watertight and the instruments relocated to the top of the dash, sealed against water, of course. the trunk is completely overtaken by the pool’s plant where you will find a pool pump, AC/DC converter, pool filter, overflow tank and such – basically, all the stuff necessary for a functioning hot tub or pool. additionally, the trunk is also home to a custom air ride system that will help smooth out the ride with the additional 5,000 lbs of water. the team behind Carpool Deville has recently completed a funded Kickstarter campaign to raise money to cover the expenses needed to get them to Bonneville salt flats for Speedweek 2014 where they will attempt to set the record for the world’s fastest hot tub. well, i guess you don’t need monstrous power, or speed for that matter, if you are going to make a dash for the fastest hot tub, cos’ after all, not many record seeker (in the history of weird automobiles, that is) comes in the form of a pool or a hot tub.

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