No Ultraman collection is complete without the Transformation Item, Beta Capsule. The Beta Capsule is a physical object the protagonist, Shin Hayata, uses to transform into the giant alien superhero. That said, being an ultra fan of Ultraman, you probably have a collection of the Beta Capsules and now, there is one more to add to your Ultra shrine: the Bandai Ultra Replica Beta Capsule (Shin Ultraman).

Bandai Ultra Replica Beta Capsule (Shin Ultraman)

That’s right, folks. It is the Beta Capsule as seen in Hideaki Anno’s Shin Ultraman. As the product name suggests, this is a high-grade recreation of the Beta Capsule from the movie from Bandai’s Ultra Replica line. This means it is a prop replica with an incredible amount of details and a metallic finish as it was seen in the movie.

In addition, the Bandai Ultra Replica Beta Capsule (Shin Ultraman) has some level of playability too – thanks to its two-stage switch gimmick. It is complete with functions like in the movie, except that it will not turn you into a kaiju-ass kicking supersize superhero.

When not activated, the slightly concaved button is flushed with the body. Pressing the switch once, the switch/button popped out along with sound effect, “prepping” the Beta Capsule for transformation. Press it (the button) again, the transformation sound effect will play back. At this point, the button/switch will return back to its flush stage.

Bandai Ultra Replica Beta Capsule (Shin Ultraman)

We love the attention to detail for example when the switch is in the pop-out position, a lovely accent can be spotted on the sides (of the button). There’s, of course, light effect – courtesy of three LEDs fitted equally apart, at the top and inside of the Beta Capsule. These LEDs cast light onto the center translucent red piece, thus recreating the floating light effect.

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Finally, rounding up the packaging is a display stand to prop the Beta Capsule up at an angle.

The demand for the Bandai Ultra Replica Beta Capsule (Shin Ultraman) was overwhelming. Pre-orders in Japan for the 11,000 yen (about US$81) collectible were snapped up even before the pre-order closes on August 17, 2022. The item is set to be delivered in January 2023. However, Big Bad Toy Store is still accepting pre-orders at a premium of US$164.99.

Bandai Ultra Replica Beta Capsule (Shin Ultraman)

Images: Bandai [JP].

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