adidas Z.N.E 01 Series True Wireless Earbuds

If you haven’t already heard, adidas has more headphones – a lot more – since after the first in 2020. While the RPT-01 which the limited-edition can was based on is sold out, there is a bunch of earphones that are more appropriate for an active lifestyle.

adidas Z.N.E 01 Series True Wireless Earbuds

There is the FWD-02 Sport, the Z.N.E. 01, and Z.N.E. 01 ANC. The latter two are what we are going to talk about. Developed with Zound Industries, the adidas Z.N.E. 01 and Z.N.E. 01 ANC have a new color option: indigo to usher in the summer.

In addition, the Z.N.E. 01, which sells for US$99, has another new shade: light gray. The Z.N.E. 01 features a ready-to-wear fit and functional stem, a silicon sleeve for a safe and secure fit, 25-hour playtime (5 hours earbuds + 20 hours charging case), and it is made from recycled plastics (97% of the plastic used is post-consumer recycled plastic).

Meanwhile, the indigo shade for the Z.N.E. 01 ANC (US$189) will be available starting in July. The Z.N.E. 01 ANC, as the product name suggests, has active noise canceling function. Like most ANC earbuds today, it allows you to switch to Awareness Mode when you need to be in tune with the surroundings.

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It has 20 hours of playtime (4.5 hours earbuds + 15.5 hours charging case). Similarly, it is made from recycled plastics. 94% of the plastic used, excluding plastic in electronic components, is post-consumer recycled plastic.

All images courtesy of adidas Headphones.