This Is Hitch. It Is An On-The-Go Water Bottle With A Removable Cup Hidden Inside

Water bottle has come a long way, but it ain’t perfect. What if you need a cup of joe? Surely, you won’t dump its content for coffee, would you? Or worst, use a single-use cup. With Remaker Labs Hitch, you don’t have to.

Whiskey Glass With Built-in Cigar Holder Is Pure Genius Or What?

For some reasons, cigar almost always go with a glass of fine whiskey on the rocks and because, you need one of your two hands to push the chips across the green felt-cover table for cool factor, you will need this unique whiskey drinkware that has a built-in cigar rest, aptly called Corkcicle Cigar Glass […]

Death Star Mug Is Not Moon-size, But It Sure Is Huge By Mug’s Standard

I never noticed if the characters on Death Star drink anything at all, but if they did, my best guess is, the dudes onboard the deadly space station would be drinking from the Death Star Sculpted Ceramic Mug because, Death Star. Duh. It is obvious. Clearly, no one will dare to drink from a mug […]

Believe Or Not, This Coffee Cup Is Literally Made Out Of Coffee

I do not know much wastes are generated in the course of coffee production, but one thing for sure, with so many coffee drinkers around the world, it is safe to say the amount of waste should pretty mind blowing. Now, there are many wastes associated with the process of producing this wonderful beverage and […]

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set – who says coffee cup have to be round?

i thought these cups are a must have for all tech geeks. aside from looking like oversized Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys of your standard keyboard, it defies how a cup should be by taking on a square form. what more can i say? the cups look best when overturned. i secretly hope they have every…