You know, bkr? The water bottle maker that reinvented drinking from a bottle? The company’s simple but surprisingly elegant silicone sleeve-over-glass water bottles (with unusually small mouth, if we might add) have been used by celebrities and fashionistas who flaunt them like as if they were some designer handbags. The company basically takes the simple act of consuming the elixir of life and turn it into a lifestyle. And now, it looks like bkr has up its own game.

bkr 500 Collection Swarovski-embellished Water Bottles

The SF-based company has taken drinking water as a lifestyle and further propels it into the luxe domain with the 500 Collection. Based on the brand’s staple water bottle, 500 Collection features a polished version of the original handle-integrated screw cap, topped with over 500 Swarovski crystals to complete the luxury look and feel. By throwing a bunch of crystals on the cap, bkr has done luxury justice to an otherwise regular bottle without looking overly ostentatious.

bkr 500 Collection Swarovski-embellished Water Bottles

The beauty of the 500 Collection is, those crystals are not exposed to the elements; they appeared to be under the protection of a clear cap of unknown material, so there’s no worrying of losing any crystal from your $185 investment. Wait, what? It costs $185 each?! Yes. It indeed does. At $185, there’s no question about its excessiveness as a water bottle, but you’d be glad to know that your money will be used to support a good cause.

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100 percent of the net profits from the sale of these luxe bkr will do directly to the Water For People Organization which, according to bkr, will provide over a month of clean water to a person in need. While regular bkr water bottles are offered in 250, 500 and 1,000 ml, its luxe counterpart is only available in 500 ml capacity, and it is available in four finishes/colors, namely, Platinum Naked, Rose Gold Tutu, Yellow Gold Winter, and Platinum Jet. Take your pick.

Images: bkr.

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