the ICE here is nothing illicit. it stands for ‘In Case of Emergency’ and is a product that’s potentially a life saver for outdoor enthusiasts such as mountaineers and cyclists. the ICEdot is a well thought out emergency identification and notification systems, applicable to a variety of sports include skiing, snowboarding, downhill boarding, where the risks of head trauma is high and often life-threatening if such injures are not attended to as soon as possible. the ICEdot Crash Sensor can be mounted to any helmet and it is designed to detect violent forces and impacts that may leave the victim incapacitated. it works in conjunction with a companion app installed on your smartphone and connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to maintain a constant connection while sipping on minimum amount of energy.

in the event of a crash, the sensor detects the critical forces and triggers the smartphone, setting off an alarm and if the alarm is not disabled within a user-specified time, it will proceed to send out text message, along with a link to your current GPS coordinates (if available), to the user preset emergency contacts. the sensor is powered by a rechargeable battery, which would require recharging via USB. the purchase of this $149 device includes a one-year premium ICEdot membership. at the time of this writing, we understand that the ICEdot Crash Sensor only supports iPhone 4S or later (Bluetooth Low Energy required), though Android support for 4.3 and above is in the works. seriously, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, do yourself and your love ones a favor and get the ICEdot Crash Sensor. but if you are still not sure how the ICE really works, then, may we suggest you to check out a self-explanatory video below to learn more of this life-saving system.

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ICEdot Crash Sensor

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