forget about fish tank, check out this Desktop Jellyfish Tank

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(credit: Jellyfish Art) Desktop Jellyfish Tank | US$350.00 |

if you rather be a leader than a follower, then you probably would want something a little different when it comes to pet – like this Desktop Jellyfish Tank. Jellyfish not only breaks the monotony of your usual pet fishes, but their hypnotizing gracefulness could be a relieve to your otherwise stressful routine. touted as the “first affordable aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish”, the tank was a development by San Francisco-based Jellyfish Art.
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the tank features an air diffuser for maximizes oxygenation, while a bubble channel shields your delicate squishy pets from the harm of bubbles. a specially designed built-in filtration that incorporates biological, chemical and mechanical elements keeps the tank clean without running the risk of terminating your jelly friends, like the traditional filtration system would. additionally, a laminar flow system ensures that these graceful creatures stay in the middle of the tank, while ambient lighting from a full-spectrum LEDs, ensures an enjoyable viewing every time you admire your jelly pets.

for $350, the Desktop Jellyfish Tank could be yours, along with $50 worth of “Beginner’s Package” that includes a voucher for three jellyfish and a pack of food – for your would-be jelly friends. check it out here.

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