Black Fan by Witold Szostak

Black Fan by Witold Szostak
(photos: Witold Szostak) Black Fan by Witold Szostak | US$PoA |

a fan, if you still remember there is indeed such an appliance, exists with the sole purpose of keeping you cool but in today’s aesthetic conscious society, it should look cool as well. the Black Fan by Witold Szostak is just the fan that does both. clad in a very 50-era body that somehow resembles an aircraft turbofan engine, this handmade fan features a twin blade propeller encased by stretched dacron (a synthetic polyester), wrapped in a dark wenge wood (hence, the name) and is supported by a stainless steel leg, which is tilt adjustable. the Black Fan may looks like a concept but luckily it is not. it is available in an extremely limited number of just 10 units, though there is no word on how much will it cost or when it will be made available. oh, in case you are wondering, the fan has a diameter of 23.6″ (60 cm), stands 33.5″ tall (85 cm) and has a footprint of 33.5″ (85 cm) wide by 30.3″ (77 cm). so if it looks did not get the rightful attention, we are pretty sure the size will. click through for a few more look and check out Witold’s breathtaking attention to detail.

Witold Szostak via So Freaking Cool

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