Remember the Strandbeest-inspired ‘walking bicycle’? Well, what you see here is a car version, well, sort of. Created by yet another crazy Russian custom auto workshop, Workroom Siberia, in collaboration with Garage 54.

You may remember Garage 54 for its real-life gas engine-powered Tesla Cybertruck. Anywho.. what you see here is a rather worn and beaten, but still functional Lada sedan that, instead of rear wheels, has “legs”.

Lada-walker: Custom Lada Sedan with Legs

The legs are not as complex as the Strandbeest, but it is similar. So, yeah, a walking car it is. Or rather, a partial walking car, to be precise. It totally works, albeit at a snail pace. Definitely not the most elegant solution, but hey, it works… well, at least for a while before the axle gave way.

You know what? Lada-walker is a reminder that walking is not for transportation and that reinventing the wheel may not be such a good idea. But its fun. Someone should talk to Theo Jansen about incorporating the Strandbeest mechanism on a car… for both the front and real wheels. That should be even more fun.

Keep going for the video of the Lada-walker in action. For those who just want to get to the meat, you may skip ahead to 10:58 for the actual action.

Images: YouTube (Garage 54).

Source: Geekologie.

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