Surprisingly, there aren’t many LEGO MOC on Leica. Even more rare is the one that replicates the Original Leica shooter. The Vintage Camera: UR-Leica 1914 LEGO MOC is one such rare creation that is now on LEGO Ideas vying for your one precious support (LEGO Ideas should just go with “vote” instead of “support”. Just saying…).

Vintage Camera UR-Leica LEGO MOC

Created by a self-described “professional LEGO nerd” who is known by his handle Pandis Pandus, the Vintage Camera: UR-Leica, 1914, LEGO MOC captures the look and feel of the UR-Leica aka the “Original Leica”.

The “Original Leica” was a prototype for the first line of cameras that used film in the 24 x 36 mm format which would later become the 35 mm standard. It was the grandaddy of the Leica camera.

Vintage Camera UR-Leica LEGO MOC

The camera features a full metal body, a collapsible lens, and a focal plane shutter. It is a piece of camera history that if luck has it, could be immortalized in LEGO.

Pandis Pandus’ creation features all the details of the 1914 snapper, including an exposure counter, focus scale ring, lens cover, an external viewfinder with frame, screw for film spool backings, and more.

Vintage Camera UR-Leica LEGO MOC

As far as the render goes, the Vintage Camera: UR-Leica 1914 LEGO MOC is looking pretty dope. And if you concur, you may want to spare your one precious support to help the project reach the next milestone of 1,000 supporters and possibly, and beyond.

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All images courtesy of Pandis Pandus.

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