With a projected market value of 268.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2025, the reach of video games cannot be belittled. However, money is not a concern when the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published ITALY. Land of Wonders video game. You heard that right. Italy, the country, has an official video game – or a mobile game, to be precise.

Italy Land of Wonders Mobile Game

Published by Italy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ITALY. Land of Wonders aims to bring the cultural heritage and wonders of Italy to the rest of world. While it has the young people its sight, the game is targeted both children and grown ups.

The game is officially released on July 19 and available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets through Italy MFA’s new portal dedicated to Italian culture in the world.

Here’s basis of the game:

“Elio is the old lighthouse keeper who, every morning, with the help of the 20 sparks he retrieved the night before from the 20 regions of Italy, lights up the sun that will shine bright over the country. The game starts at sunset, Elio – a reference to Helios, the sun god of ancient Greek mythology – is looking for an assistant who can help him complete his arduous task. He has summoned a mysterious character outside the lighthouse: the player, who is drawn into a night adventure around Italy to retrieve 20 sparks, light up the lighthouse and ensure the sun shines again.”

And here’s what you can expect of the gameplay:

“During their journey, the players will meet five Guardians, who will guide them to discover Nature, Cuisine, Art, Performance and Design, the five main sectors of the Italian cultural heritage. At the end of the journey, a huge surprise awaits the players: they will take Elio’s place, symbolically becoming the new Lighthouse Keepers, with a mission to protect the country’s treasures. First, however, they will need to pass no less than 100 puzzle game levels, each one featuring a 3D reconstruction of an iconic Italian landmark, in a truly engaging journey to discover, step by step, the coast and mountains, cities and castles, traditions and myths of the country. Created for those already acquainted with Italy, as well as those who are not and want to learn more – while improving their grasp of the language –, ITALY. Land of Wonders can also serve as a travel guide, thanks to a collection of 600 articles filled with stories, news and fun facts.”

Finally, here’s the official “trailer”:

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You may hit up Italiana to learn more.

Images: Italiana/Italy Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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