Ever since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, there have been a slew of personal hygiene products that minimize our contact with publicly-touched objects like ATM, doors and whatnot.

The CLYOO is one such products. Designed by Enerdesign, the CLYOO is a carabiner-style, practical virus-free multipurpose hook clip. You can use it to open doors, push buttons (such as in the lift or traffic light), or pull just about any object.

CLYOO boasts a metallic hook attachment with an innovative clip gate which allows you to switch between “virus-free” tool and utility hanger and carabiner. As a carabiner/hook, it can hold up to 55 lbs (25 kilograms), thus allowing you to, say for example, hang your bag at the edge of a table and off the floor.

CLYOO Carabiner-style Everyday Carry

The device patented technology called “Selflex” (U.S. Utility Patent US99580001B2/Taiwan Utility Patent TW201641829A) is an exclusive two-way club that affords the magic to happen and it has been tested to open and close over 2 million times. So, durability is assured.

Did we mention that you can serve as a handy keychain too? Just slip your keys with key ring(s) on it and voila! a home for all your keys.

CLYOO Carabiner-style Everyday Carry

Made from aluminum/titanium/brass materials and available in two designs: Neptu and Jupit, the CLYOO Carabiner-style Multipurpose Everyday Carry will hit up Indiegogo sometime in mid-December. During which you will be able to pre-order one at a discounted price.

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If anyone’s interested in a super cool, multipurpose carabiner-style tool, you can register for Early Bird Discount on Enerdesign website HERE.

CLYOO Carabiner-style Everyday Carry

Images: Enerdesign.

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