Do you find yourself having to stab zombies in the eye with a pen on regular basis? Or perhaps, sometimes dropping your keys in the dark and can’t find it? If so, these products from NITECORE may interest you.

NITECORE TIKI GITD Keychain Flashlight

Kicking off the new products is the TIKI GITD, the Glow-in-the-dark mini “futuristic” keychain light (not to be confused with the ‘regular’ TIKI). Because it is GITD, you should have no problem locating your keys in low light. Plus, it is IP66 rated, so it is totally outdoor ready. It has a primary maximum output of 300 lumens constructed from phosphorescent PC (V0) materials.

In addition to GITD, it is also outfitted with auxiliary UV light and high CRI white light. The latter is capable of revealing the true color of objects and it is suitable for short-range illumination such as, for example, reading.

NITECORE TIKI GITD Keychain Flashlight

UV light is good for checking counterfeit bills and forged documents, a fluorescence chemical tester, a phosphorescent material charger, or ermm, an insect attractor? Odd that NITECORE list that as feature. But hey, it can used as such if you want to.

NITECORE TIKI GITD is powered by a built-in 130 mAh lithium-ion battery, good for 40 hours of use.

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Then, there’s the multi-functional bolt action tactical pen NITECORE NTP31. It is equipped with a unique bidirectional bolt design, allowing it to be easily switch between the pen function and the tungsten steel tapered tip.

So hypothetically speaking, you can stab how many zombies in the eye and the pen will still totally be usable as a pen. Provided that you switch to the tungsten bit, obviously.

The body is constructed from aero-grade aluminum alloy with HA III military-grade hard anodized finish, and so you can sure it stand up to any duress. Anywho, long story short, it tough, and it is good for both writing and as a self-defense device.

If you prefer pencil to pen, there is also the NITECORE NTP48 Titanium Alloy Mechanical Pencil.

Last checked, all three products are not available online yet. Meanwhile, you can check out these new products over at NITECORE website.

NITECORE NTP48 Titanium Alloy Mechanical Pencil


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