What are the odds of Trekkies who are willing to forgo the creature comfort of technology for the wild? We’d say the odds are really, really low (unless you are on an imaginary mission to Planet Earth), but in case there’s a side of you that begs to be in the great outdoor, then I supposed a camping tent inspired by the Star Trek Federation Shuttlecraft would appeal to the Trekkie in you. Conceptualized by artist and fellow trekkie Dave Delisle, the Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent Concept is a 2-man tent that features an entrance at the back – just like the actual shuttlecraft, and boasts a plastic carrying case that splits apart to double as the “thrusters” on the side of the craft.

Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent Concept by Dave Delisle

“Spring is here, so I thought it would be fun to make a geeky tent design that would be perfect for all of your away missions: I present a tent design based on the shuttlecraft from Star Trek,” Dave said, adding, “it’s not such a far-fetched idea; Star Trek V began with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy camping in the great outdoors.” Well, that shouldn’t be question to begin with cos’ I am sure outdoor-loving trekkies wouldn’t mind a bit, farfetched or not. The only thing we need to know is, does this thing fits on a queen-size bed? Because we need that to be on the bed as we can be out in the wild all the time, right? Now, where did we put our treasured trekkie PJs…

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Star Trek Shuttlecraft Tent Concept by Dave Delisle

Images courtesy of Dave Delisle.

via CNET

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