You know how in some fantasy movies or TV shows, sometime you will see mugs that magically fills itself? Well, as it turns out, in real life, there is such a thing. OK. This self-filling Glass Tank Wine Glass by Kouichi Okamoto won’t self-fill infinitely, but it is as close as you can get. If you one of those wine guzzler, or just about any liquid guzzler, the Glass Tank is for you.

Self-filling Glass Tank Wine Glass

Just top up the bulb shaped glass receptacle with your favorite concoction and you are good to go. Thanks the science between air pressure, namely air and liquid, the wine or whatever liquid will never overflow. Also because of this science, it will automatically fill the wine glass with just the right amount, thus realizing the fantasy “infinite fill.” Well, almost…

Self-filling Glass Tank Wine Glass

Such is the magic of science! But it is not without caveats. Firstly, with the glass bulb topped, I imagine it will be a tad heavy to enough your wine in a classy manner (plus the look there, though) and secondly, it costs a cool $325. Crazy wine drinking contraption with a pretty crazy price to match. I’d say you are better off sticking a wine glass/stopper onto a bottle because that will barely cost you $20. But hey, if you want to stand out, nobody’s going to stop you.

Self-filling Glass Tank Wine Glass

Self-filling Glass Tank Wine Glass

Images: Generate/kyouei design.

kyouei design via Geekologie.

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