The wonderful world of waffle makers now has a new fun waffle maker and it is called Car Mini Waffle Maker. Coming from the same company who wants to your build houses with waffle is the Car Mini Waffle Maker.

Car Mini Waffle Maker lets you make 7 different fun automobiles, so you can literally eat vehicles for breakfast.

Car Mini Waffle Maker by CucinaPro

I don’t know what’s next. Maybe a waffle maker that makes miniature people to go with the house and cars? I hope not. That would be so cannibalistic.

Anywho, in case you are curious… the 7 unique shapes are police car, monster truck, ambulance, pickup truck, school bus, race and garbage truck.

Car Mini Waffle Maker by CucinaPro

But really, whether they will turn out as intended depends very much on the mix. Thankfully, each product includes WaffleWow! “tried and true recipes.”

Like other CucinaPro waffle makers, Car Mini Waffle Maker is non-stick, so your vehicles won’t leave the “factory” a despairing state. Plus, it makes cleaning a breeze.

If anyone’s interested, Car Mini Waffle Maker can be had for $39.95.

Car Mini Waffle Maker by CucinaPro

Images: CucinaPro.

Source: Gizmodo.

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