Face mask supplies are not in shortage. The question is, how much will you pay for one? If money is no object and you don’t mind if is has been approved by FDA or not, then here’s one new option for your consideration.

Coming from mil-spec bag maker, Mystery Ranch, is the the Traditional Mask. It is a conventional style mask that can be washed many times over.

Washable Face Mask by Mystery Ranch

In addition to washable, it features a filter sleeve for those who wish to introduce their own filter for added protection, a 3D bendable nose piece, and hair-friendly dual TPU headband with cord lock adjustment for some level of size fitment.

The fact that it looks like traditional mask runs the risk of accidentally disposing it and you certainly don’t want that to happen as this thing costs $16 a piece.

Images: Mystery Ranch.

Hat tip: Gear Patrol.

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