What you see here is a probable invasion monster machine that aliens will use finish us off like in the Avengers movie. Demonstrated by JSK Lab at University of Tokyo, this thing here is called DRAGON which is short for “Dual-rotor embedded multilink Robot with the Ability of multi-deGree-of-freedom aerial transformatiON.” Phew.

That is no doubt quite a mouthful. I guess we will stick to calling it DRAGON. Now, snake like robot isn’t new at all, but one that flies and with the ability to slither its way into small openings to boot? Well, that’s something new and pretty mind-blowing, and creepy as hell. It won’t feel as creepy by merely describing it; but seeing it in action will.

This segmented robot is blessed with multiple ducted rotors, two on each segment that enable it to take flight and by manipulating the individual segment’s motors, it allows it to transform its form in midair. With this ability, DRAGON is able to squeeze through narrow passages with ease and thanks to its finger-like pincers on each end, it can even pick up objects too.

OK. The scientists, roboticists, and researchers are right about calling it a ‘dragon’ because this thing ain’t no snake. It is far worst than any snake. Seriously, can we stop giving aliens, who might be watching us, more ideas already? Jokes aside, DRAGON could be the answer for tricky search and rescue operations, as well as research purposes. It is all for the good of mankind, or is it? Skip ahead for the aforementioned video.

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via Geekologie.

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