video: check out Microsoft’s vision of future productivity

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(image: screenshot from Productivity Future Vision video)

ever wonder what the future will be like? or perhaps, how the future technology development will impact our daily personal and work lives? well, wait no further as Microsoft is letting you in on their vision of the productivity of the future. so how future is it going to be? i shall not speculate. the video depicts an exciting prospect but being a skeptic, i am, well… skeptical about it but i guess a little dream won’t hurt. as a tech enthusiast, i secretly look forward to that vision, however, the skeptic in me tells me that we have to do something about the infrastructure. so what’s my wish for the future? i don’t have the expense or talent to create a video to portray my vision, so as such, i shall sum up my wish in a few words: a bugless society. can Microsoft or anyone, for that matter, guarantee that? oh well, that’s just my rambling, let’s just get on with this interesting vision in the video after the break. again, no tech aficionados would want to miss this.
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Productivity Future Vision video via 9to5Mac

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