NBA may be off indefinitely, but NBA star and Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker has something to smile about while adhering to social distancing. And the reason is these: State Bicycle Co. Custom 6061 Black Label Series – Devin Booker Player Edition and a rare pair of Nike Kobe 1 Proto custom to match the bicycle by “designer of things”, sneaker customizer ninjasaurus_.

With NBA season cancelled due to the pandemic, State Bicycle Co. dropped a custom 6061 for Booker to stay in shape. The custom bicycle features a one-off paint design by ninjasaurus_, who is also a State Bicycle customer. The graphics features the “drip/wet” concept in neon-desert motif.

Additionally, the phrase “wet like I’m Book” can be found on the chain stay which is a nod to the lyric from the Travis Scott’s Sicko Mode featuring Drake. “Wet like I’m Book” is, of course, a reference to Devin.

Man, those are beautiful creations. Unfortunately, as beautiful as they are, they are not something money can buy. But if you are so inclined, you can pick up a 6061 Black Label ($349.99 frame; $679.99 complete build) and unleashed your own creativity on the awesome frame while stuck at home.

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All images courtesy of State Bicycle Co..

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