Japanese artist doooo one up himself with a creation that loosely translates into “human meat die.” The translation does make it sound super creepy and it probably is. In reality, I think what the translation was trying to convey was a ‘human flesh die’. Die is, of course, the singular of dice.

Human Meat Die With Animatronic Eye

And yes, doooo was the same talented artist who created the Human Mouth Coin Purse. The texture and the look are incredibly life-like and make even more so by the lone ultra realistic animatronic eye. It looks like the eye will slowly shut if you gently stroke the eyebrow. Or is it just a routine?

While I agree it is creepy, as said before, I also think it is an impressive work of art. And yes, it is die with all other sides except for the ‘1’ having dots that resemble moles.

Continue reading to see the Human Meat Die With Animatronic Eye in action in the embedded Instagram videos below:

Images: Instagram (@doooo_cds).

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Source: boing boing.

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