before we come across the Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine, we never thought that our ‘fresh’ coffee really is about six-month fresh. who would have thought of that? well, except maybe for the farmer co-op and the coffee commodity trader and the coffee trader hedger and anyone in between the 17 steps before it reaches us, the coffee drinkers. if those processes somehow makes you feel like you have been shortchanged the whole time, then perhaps it is time for you to take things into your own hands, literally, by grinding, roasting and brewing your very own hot caffeinated drink – fresh, and that’s precisely what the Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine will let you do and you don’t even need to be pro barista to do that.

with a single push of a button, this dream coffee machine will roast the fresh coffee beans that came direct from the farm, which you will be able to purchase from an online marketplace, cools and grinds them down to fine powder, and finally, a “rain shower brewing” method will serves up the freshest coffee you have ever tasted. if you are a serious coffee connoisseur, this is definitely going to sound like porn to you. we know, because we share same sentiment. as mentioned, there will be an online marketplace where you can acquire the beans directly from the farmers and even connect with them through medium such as Skype, which will brings you closer to the farmers and thus, injecting a whole new meaning to your coffee enjoyment; and doing all that while enabling the farmers to earn what they truly deserves by eliminating the chain of middle man. that said, our friend Jeff is not going to like this cos’ his business happens to fall in-between the 17 steps. too bad Jeff, but we prefer our coffee really fresh too.

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the Bonaverde Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine is yet to be a reality, but it will be if you back up their endeavor, happening now on Kickstarter which, btw, has already surpassed their original funding goal. you can pre-order one for $300 and expect to see this shiny new, truly all-in-one coffee machine at your doorstep in October 2014. yea. we know. it sounds like a long wait, but that just a few months more than it takes for your current ‘fresh’ coffee to reach your local coffee shops. and that’s just one single wait time. learn more about this revolutionary coffee machine in the embedded videos below.

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