some things when gone, are gone for good, but lucky for us, there are some that managed to get a reboot by its original designer. the Vitsœ 620 Chair by Dieter Rams, an elegant modular chair (or sofa, if you prefer) that first debut in the 1960s, is one such example. the design of the 620 Chair may be half a century old, but it is still a beauty even in today’s design context. on the chair’s 50th birthday, Dieter Rams collaborated with Vitsœ to give this little known icon a refresh. one particularly interesting feature of the 620 chair is its flexibility: an arm or two can be removed, so that more chair could be added to suit the user’s needs. other features include castor feet, innards made with exacting standard and from the highest quality materials, and full-grain uncoated leather.

the Vitsœ 620 Chair by Dieter Rams may be a reissue, but what does not change is, it is still built to last a lifetime like its predecessor and components you buy today are going to be compatible with the 620 chair you bought ten years ago. the reissue also saw a drop in price: the Vitsœ 620 Chair by Dieter Rams now costs $3.340 per module. though, it is a price that is still far too astronomical by any average joe’s standard and would take a whole lot of justification process for one with a less disposable income to commit. oh btw, the 3k plus is just the start, cos’ Vitsœ is offering a couple of customization that would ultimately stack up the cost. check out a few more look in the mini gallery below and a video of the philosophy behind this awesome remake.

Adapt and change from Vitsœ on Vimeo.

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Vitsœ via Gizmodo

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