Cut your routine of dropping by Starbucks for your daily morning espresso fix with this little guy called Coffeejack Portable Espresso Maker. At just 100 mm tall (under 4 inches!), Coffeejack is indeed a little fellow.

Notwithstanding its minuscule stature (by coffee maker standard, that is), it actually packs quite a punch. You know, like over 9 bars of punch. In contrast, a typical French press or Aeropress does a measly 1-4 bars.

Coffeejack Portable Espresso Maker

9+ bars, btw, is the level of pressure you will only find in commercial barista rig. So you can imagine the promise is pretty damn bold.

And did we mention that it is power-free? All you have to do its to add you favorite coffee ground, introduce hot water and pump around 8 times for the perfect espresso extraction.

Designed by two former Dyson engineers, Ashley Hribar-Green and Matthew Aston Cain, Coffeejack is the barista-grade coffee that goes wherever you go.

So, if you are serious about a good cuppa while also saving the world from disposal coffee cups, you may want to consider pre-ordering a unit from Kickstarter for £69-79 (about $91-100). Yes. It is a Kickstarter campaign.

And also yes, it is already funded. In fact, it is more just funded. At the time of this post, Coffeejack has received a staggering $800,850 in funding from over 7,000 coffee lovers. The only caveat I see is, delivery will only happen nearly half a year later in May 2020.

Coffeejack Portable Espresso Maker

All images courtesy of HRIBARCAIN.

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