Whether you are an eco-warrior or a true vegan, you will appreciate what Komrads Sneakers has to offer. The look may not be radical, but man, this pair of kicks is a true Frankenstein of recycled materials.

In other words, it is one footwear that is made with sustainability in mind, using materials like recycled plastic, recycled rubber and apples. Wait, what? Apples? Yes. Its the fruit apple.

Komrads Sustainable 100% Vegan Sneakers

Komrads has an upper made of Apple Eco Leather which is a product of apple peel and core. It promised to contain at least 50 percent recycled apple fiber, thus making it 100 percent vegan.

Moreover, the rest of the shoes is also high in the eco credentials. It includes an outsole made of 100 percent recycled rubber from car tires, colored with ecological paint to boot, and the laces are made of recycled plastic bottles, and and ergonomic and breathable inner sole made out of other recycled materials.

Komrads Sustainable 100% Vegan Sneakers

Completing the green kicks is, it is produced in Europe, thereby minimizing its carbon footprint. The rest of the carbon footprint is on you when it is shipped to you. Just kidding. Until we can teleport objects around, carbon footprint associated with shipping is inevitable. That’s why we said “minimizing.”

Anywho, if you are enamored by the Komrads Sneakers, you may pre-order on Indiegogo for $98 a pair.

Delivery is expected to happen starting January 2020.

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Images: Komrads.

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