WESN International Knife Sharpening Day April 9

The seldom talked about aspect of owning knives, sharpening, now has its own holiday. Yep. There’s going to be a new holiday and it is called, well, International Knife Sharpening Day. On April 9, it will be the first-ever International Knife Sharpening Day.

WESN International Knife Sharpening Day April 9

Knife-maker WESN realized there isn’t a day dedicated to the art of sharpening knives and thus decided to declare one. It might just be what’s missing from the knife collector’s calender this whole time. Though it is not to be confused with National Knife Day.

Obviously, this is not a federal holiday nor is it a state holiday, and therefore, a rest day it is not. Then again, what am I talking about? It is far from a day of rest. It is the day that reminds you to dust off those knives that have been stashed away for eons and give them a well-deserved sharpening.

This brings us to the question: how do you participate in this new holiday? Well, it cannot be any easier. Just whip out a knife and sharpen it. If you want, you may take a photo of the rejuvenated knife collection and share it on social medial platforms with the hashtag, #IKSDay. You may also want to tag WESN (@wesngoods) to let them know you did.

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WESN International Knife Sharpening Day April 9

However, if you don’t already have a way of sharpening or have not been doing so, well, then this is what this holiday is about: a reminder to explore the best of sharpening for your types of knives and getting into the act.

If you really have no clue how to get started, WESN is really to sell you a sharpening kit to get started. The WESN Sharpening Kit comes with everything you need to get started, including the WESN Pocket Sharpener, a Leather Sheath/Strop Combo, and a Wolfpack Work Rag.

The International Knife Sharpening Day may sound like a business opportunity much like Valentine’s Day and it is but ONLY if you don’t already have a solution to sharpening. If you already have, you are all good.

WESN International Knife Sharpening Day April 9

This new holiday will serve a real, practical purpose than a poor excuse to charge ridiculous prices for flowers or to sell you set menus for two for a premium price.

There is no pressure for you to buy or do anything on this day, really. Your knife won’t throw a tantrum or go into a fit if you don’t buy it a new sharpening stone or sharpens it. If it did, it would be Stephen King’s Christine: the knife version. Clearly, that won’t happen.

Anyhoo, if you want a kit to get you started with sharpening, you may pick up the WESN Sharpening Kit on Monday, April 4th, for US$60. If you do so, you’d be saving yourself 15 bucks compared to if you buy all four items individually. Each item is available separately too.

Images: WESN.