In addition to having its own official mobile games, Eva Dawn and Evangelion Battlefields, Evangelion is no stranger to collaboration with other mobile games. It has appeared in Knives Out, Honkai Impact 3rd, and more, and now, it has arrived at PUBG Mobile too.

PUBG Mobile x Evangelion Themed Mode

If you know PUBG Mobile, then you will know not to expect your in-game self to be piloting an EVA unit. Instead, you will be fighting alongside the Evangelion Unit 01 against the 6th Angel (you know, the floating diamond thingy that was tough as a diamond?) in the new PUBG Mobile x Evangelion themed mode in the Core Circle mode.

The showdown between the unholy giant humanoid against the flying 3D rhombus alien will happen on the Erangel map between May 19 1400 hours to June 19 2359 UTC+0. So, yeah, it has started cos’ damn us for sitting on this news for too long. Our bad. But it’s not too late to get started – that’s if you are still into PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile x Evangelion Themed Mode

Anyways, when getting into the game, you can tap the top to see EVA-01’s launch location and the 6th Angel’s path. You can follow their path to witness the confrontation all while fighting off your foes. Oh, you can also battle with Pen Pen companion. Plus, completing the missions will land you with exclusive rewards in the themed events.

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The 6th Angle will first appear on Spawn Island which it will waste no time unleashing its destruction on. EVA-01 will launch from below Erangel to deal with the Angel.

PUBG Mobile x Evangelion Themed Mode

In addition to having a first-person (or third-person, if that’s your kind of thing) view of EVA-01 vs. 6th Angel, the collaboration also includes Defensive Fortresses, which become exposed after taking hits from the Angel’s assault. Within the Defensive Fortresses, you will be able to find an abundance of supplies. There are also fixed Supply Crates lying around in the battleground that contains high-quality supplies.

Obviously, there are Evangelion-themed cosmetics items, including a variety of Plug Suits, backpacks, parachutes, and more, up for grab.

Images: Krafton.

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