NITECORE MH12 Pro Flashlight with UHi 40 LED

NiteLab, a sister company of NITECORE, has introduced an innovative LED specifically designed for flashlights, known as the Ultra High-Intensity LED or UHi LED. This marks a significant advancement in flashlight technology. Until now, flashlight manufacturers have relied on general-purpose LEDs, which often necessitated larger flashlight heads to achieve optimal performance.

NITECORE MH12 Pro Flashlight with UHi 40 LED

With the UHi LED, it delivers a higher light density while maintaining a smaller light-emitting surface (LES). Additionally, the UHi LED features a circular design, as opposed to the traditional square shape of LEDs, making it an ideal fit for the round reflectors commonly found in flashlights. This design results in a remarkable increase in light conversion efficiency and produces a bright, clear hotspot.

The UHi LED offers benefits such as ultra-high beam intensity and outstanding long-range performance, outperforming other LEDs with similar power. This breakthrough enables compact flashlights to overcome size limitations and achieve greater long-range capabilities than ever before.

The NITECORE MH12 Pro you see here is the first flashlight from NITECORE to be outfitted with this groundbreaking LED technology. The MH12 Pro is a high-powered flashlight with an impressive 3,300 lumens output, thanks to the cutting-edge UHi 40 LED. This LED features a round light-emitting surface, ultra-high light intensity, and a robust 40W maximum power.

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NITECORE MH12 Pro Flashlight with UHi 40 LED

The MH12 Pro stands out for its compact design, offering outstanding performance with a maximum beam distance of 505 meters (1,657 feet!). The UHi 40 LED’s round shape pairs perfectly with the reflector, resulting in high light efficiency and a clear hotspot for precise target identification in low-light conditions.

The flashlight boasts a well-crafted body with anti-slip knurling, making it easy to hold even with wet or gloved hands. It features indicators for power and brightness levels, along with a tail cap designed to prevent accidental activation.

Power is provided by a high-capacity 21700 Li-ion battery, offering a lengthy runtime. The flashlight also includes a sensor protection function to prevent overheating and offers two operational modes for versatility.

NITECORE MH12 Pro Flashlight with UHi 40 LED

The MH12 Pro is built to withstand tough conditions, with an IP68 rating for water resistance and impressive impact resistance. It’s a versatile and powerful flashlight suitable for various applications.

The NITECORE MH12 Pro Flashlight with UHi 40 LED is available now from for US$89.95. You may learn more about the UHi LED technology HERE.