Rockwell VersaCut

Rockwell VersaCut
Rockwell VersaCut | US$117.00 |

if you like to slice and dice up plywoods in your spare time (for your home improvement project, of course), then you will need something handy like the Rockwell VersaCut. it is a handheld mini-circular saw made for ease of portability. instead of having to setup complex and permanent work bed which can be very time consuming, the Versacut let you dictate where you want to carry out the cut and not the other way round. it comes with three different cutting blades, one each for cutting wood, metal and even tile, and its powerful 4.0 amp motor provides the power necessary to make those cuts. other features include dust extraction adapter for keeping the cut line free of dust, full metal guard, lock off switch to prevent accidental activation, a precision depth setting so you only cut to the depth you desire and a built-in laser guide to ensure that you stay on the line every time. the Rockwell VersaCut can be yours for $117 a pop.

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