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Three-In-One Dremel Ultra Saw Puts Pro Power In Your DIY Jobs

any x-in-1 power tools (‘x’ being the number of tools) that cross our path will definitely have our loving attention and for obvious reason: we can have at least one less tool in our cluttered-beyond-hope garage. so when Dremel introduces a power saw that promised three functionalities in one sleek, compact package, it has our big hellos. designed for advanced DIYers and pro applications, the Three-In-One Dremel Ultra Saw (US40-01) is driven by a powerful 7.5 amp motor and allows you to execute regular cutting on a variety of materials, flush cutting, as well as carrying out surface prep using a specially designed surface prep wheels to remove paint, rust and more. Continue reading Three-In-One Dremel Ultra Saw Puts Pro Power In Your DIY Jobs

Rockwell VersaCut

Rockwell VersaCut
Rockwell VersaCut | US$117.00 | www.rockwelltools.com

if you like to slice and dice up plywoods in your spare time (for your home improvement project, of course), then you will need something handy like the Rockwell VersaCut. it is a handheld mini-circular saw made for ease of portability. instead of having to setup complex and permanent work bed which can be very time consuming, the Versacut let you dictate where you want to carry out the cut and not the other way round. it comes with three different cutting blades, one each for cutting wood, metal and even tile, and its powerful 4.0 amp motor provides the power necessary to make those cuts. Continue reading Rockwell VersaCut