If you ever find yourself wanting to drop a thermometer into your mug to determine the right temperature for your beverage, then I am 100 percent sure Ember Copper Mug is missing in your life. Ember is a connected, app-enabled drinkware that lets you set the precise drinking temperature and maintain it for around an hour, so your beverage remains the temperature you desire. Now, that’s one step up from regular thermal mugs.

Ember Copper Mug

It works with the Ember app to notify you once the drink has reached your preferred temperature. Using the app, you can remotely adjust the temperature, set a specific preferred temperature, choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and even personalized your Ember by adding a custom LED color. You can also choose and save your presets for different types of drink. It can work without connecting to a smartphone too.

In the case if it is not connected, Ember Copper Mug will keep your drinks at a default temperature of 54 degrees Celsius for an hour. However, you will probably want to take full advantage of what it has to offer since this drinkware doesn’t come cheap as far as mug goes, commanding an asking price of $129.95.

Ember Copper Mug

Ember Copper Mug comes with a built-in battery (battery life varies depending on usage and several factors) and comes with neat charging coaster for recharging it. As a mug, it has a capacity of 295 ml and it is IPX7 rated, allowing it to be fully submersed in water. I know. It is odd to even highlight its waterproof feature since it is, after all, a mug and a mug supposed to be water-friendly. Then again, this ain’t your everyday mug. It is essentially an electronic product.

Ember Connected Copper Mug works with both iOS devices (including Apple Watch) running on iOS 10.0 or higher, as well as Android devices running on Android 4.4 or higher. But not all Android devices are supported. You may need to check the list of supported device before you commit to this high-tech mug.

Ember Copper Mug is only available in the U.S. Last checked, it is “coming soon” and so, if you want one, be sure to sign up to be notified of its availability.

Images: Ember Technologies.

Source: Luxury Launches.

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