smoke detector can be a life-saver, but at time of non-emergency, it can be quite a nuisance too. just ask yourself how many times you have to scale the ladder to silent a false alarm from some burnt cooking? in fact, the false alarm nuisance is so bad that we sometimes use foils to cover the smoke detector up (you know, it’s a dorm kind of thing), thus putting ourselves at risk. however, with the Nest Labs’ Nest Protector Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector you can literally wave goodbye to those ladder-scaling, foil-wrapping, broom-poking rituals associated with traditional smoke detectors. in the event of a false alarm, simply wave at the Nest Protector to stop the chirping alarm and that’s it – but before you even get to that, the Nest Protect’s sensors will detect the rising threat level and gives you heads-up with both voice alert, as well as visual warning with the integrated LED ring light.

the ring light also doubles as a path light to light your way as you passes underneath it and when you turn the lights off, it glows in green, letting you know the sensors and the batteries are in good order. when connected to your free Nest account, you can also receive notifications such as low-battery, heads-up and emergency alarm on your smartphone or tablet, while wireless interconnect lets two or more Nest Protect to work in unison to alert you of a danger even if the threat is in only one of the room. underneath its beautiful form, the Nest Protect is packed to the brim with sensors, including photoelectric smoke sensor, CO sensor, heat sensor, light sensor, ultrasonic sensors and activity sensor, making it a true multi-criteria detector that we think every household should not live without. the Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector is scheduled to be available this November in the U.S. for $129 (you can pre-order it now, though).

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two versions: a wired and a battery-powered version, in a choice of black or white will be available. no word if the rest of the world will get to enjoy the benefits of Nest Protect, but according to Nest Labs, Canada and UK availability can be expected in early 2014.

Nest Labs via The Gadgeteer

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