I am sure we all remember the insanely compact electric bike HIMO H1. Well, for those who have been wanting to get one, the good news is, it has officially stepped out of China and into the global market.

Here’s a quick refresher for the benefit of those who haven’t got a clue what the HIMO H1 is all about. It is a folding electric bike that weighs a mere 32 lbs (14.5 kilograms) and folds down to a size no larger than an A3 paper. That’s 29.7 by 42 centimeters (11.69 by 16.53 inches) if you are not familiar with international paper sizes.

Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bike on Indiegogo

It is powered by a 180 watt brushless DC hub motor which provides it with a top speed of 18 km/h (11.2 mph) and it is outfitted with a removable 7,500 mAh battery good for up to 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) range.

It comes with beautiful integrated display, LED lights, responsive digital braking system, padded mesh saddle, shock absorbent 7-inch tires, and A380 aluminum alloy frame. Unfortunately, you do get the special edition with the Transformers emblem.

The good news is, it turns out to be just as affordable – that’s if you pre-order it on Indiegogo in the next 16 days or so.

Xiaomi HIMO H1 Electric Bike on Indiegogo

If do order from Indiegogo, you will secure a unit at 28 percent off its retail, at just $499. Under 500 bucks for a full-fledged and yet tiny eBike from an established ebike makers. Like, what more can one ask for?

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The campaign is on fixed funding, but it does not have a problem in rolling in the dough. As of this writing, the campaign is already 1,882% funded. Even better, HIMO promised delivery will happen sometime starting May 2020.

All images courtesy of HIMO.

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