The Spa Car Drivable Hot Tub by Colin Furze

Our favorite mad garage inventor, British plumber-turned-YouTube-inventing-celebrity, Colin Furze, is back and this time, he have received a special request from Google. The search giant wanted the madcap inventor to create something which could be used to advertise the Mountain View tech company’s search. In other words, the creation should be usable as a vehicle to promote using the products from Google’s advertisers and for companies to use them to sell. For a man who has an insatiable appetite to create, it is only natural for Furze to take up the challenge.

The Spa Car Drivable Hot Tub by Colin Furze
Tons of fun and tons of spill over too.

The creation for this challenge? Turning an old 1989 E30 BMW convertible into a mobile Jacuzzi, which he affectionately call ‘BMBubbleU Jacruzil‘, AKA Convertapool, AKA The Spa Car. First, the man patched up whatever holes there are on the car to seal in the water and layered it with a coat of resin and fiberglass to further ensure water does not make a run for the tarmac. Next, a custom heating element, powered by the very motor that powers the car, was fabricated to take the chill away from the water, or at least make the water body a little less cold for comfort. Finally, the suspension was reworked to take on the new found weight of no less than 2 tons (4,480 lbs!).

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The Spa Car Drivable Hot Tub by Colin Furze
There’s even a BBQ pit integrated into it, so you’d get the entire spa experience.

The result is Jacuzzi on wheels that still uses the original drivetrain. Yup. Unlike the Carpool we saw three years ago which has a tub in place of regular car interior and a marine throttle, Furze’s Spa Car has regular steering wheel, a regular stick shifter with pedals that still work submerged in a pool of water, as well as regular seats and seat belt. Basically, BMBubbleU Jacruzil looks much like any E30 out there without water. And did we mention that it has a pair of leaf blowers to get the Jacuzzi effect going? That’s not even it. To complete the poolside party worthy setup, a working BBQ pit is thrown into the mix, integrated to the trunk lid.

Finally (yes, finally), the product was wrapped in carpet grass to, you know, complete the party-by-the-pool look. Sweet mother of… that is one lovely custom ride! Skip ahead for the final product test drive, as well as the Google advertisement which the mobile spa starred in. Enjoy!

Images: Colin Furze.